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Alena 2: Police Story

Alena`s adventures, which should actually be called misadventrues, continue. Alena was taken and used in a dungeon as a toy. However, this happened sooner than expected. The screams of her pain or pleasure were heard by a female who happens to also be a police officer. Our brave heroine is now running to save her day... however, you probably already knew that she would be captured, so either way, this sexy dude will have two chicks to have fun with. To move on from the sex scenes, there will be puzzle minigames you`ll need to solve. However, this won`t be a serious challenge for most players.

Inspector J Vignette 6

The analysis of Inspector J belongs furthe conducted dnot it`s attained vignette six that is called``Any help will be welcomed``. In this erotic videoquest series you are playing as the police inspector and you are working with your fucking partner Mia from Canada. Jeanne has found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with a lady called Eve and she`s missing. To find out more you might choose to find and play former sequences of the game show (which is strongly narrative oriented so it`s recommended). Overall the game is made as ordinary quest - just click on active catches sight of or choose decent dialog options when you need to. Other time love hot photos and vids of many female characters played by models that are actual!

Fantasy 5d v1.6

``Fifth Dimension`` - a game still in development... the best part is that you`ll be the game`s developer according to the main story! You and your best friend, along with your girlfriend, will be testing the latest build of it. But then something strange occurs. Yoursmall group of heroes are dragged into the virtual game world. You are modified to fit the fantasy theme of the world, but for some people these changes might seem excessive. You will decide for yourself, not the characters on the screen. Only living until the end of the adventure will allow you to return to your real life.

Hentai game featuring Shilleka from Etrian Odyssey.

Do not mind the japanese language since scarcely you`re playing hentai parody games due to the tales and dialogs along with fo rteh chnace to have virtual hook-up with a few cute appearing anime or videogame beauty. And when this previous statement is truth for you too then now you will have fairly promising date using Shilleka (you might remember her name) out of``Etrian Odyssey`` (and could be you has played with this game). This because we alreday said quite cute yet at the same time fairly buxom doll type the jungle definitley has everything she wants to draw your attention... and all that you will need to do so as to find out what she`s would be to browse thru the dialogue scene or see and click active affairs somewhere in her bod - seems elementary and joy exactly like every hentai parody ought to be!